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About Us

Camp Nomad is not a hotel. It is a small venture, run with a whole lot of heart.


We are an eco-friendly campsite and retreat center, featuring basic and Swiss tents, traditional mud houses, fire-pits, an open-air Baithak, and a cafe. We are open to guests year-round, and we specialise in hosting groups, workshops, artist retreats, adventure trips, corporate off-sites, and residencies. 


Our Campsite is located in an apple orchard, surrounded by Deodar Forests, with majestic views of the snow-capped Himalayas.


We are only 15 km from Shimla, and a whole world away!

About You

You will enjoy your time with us if you like to daydream, have deep conversations, go for long walks, lie in hammocks, pluck apples from trees, or enjoy local culture and the rhythms of village life. You will love being here if you enjoy being woken up by birdsong or going to bed looking at the stars. And you will be most at home if you can handle an occasional insect in your tent or thunderstorm outside!

If you are looking for a happening party, a loud music system, 24 hour room service, or a place to get drunk, please swipe left: No hard feelings, but we will likely not match up to each other's expectations!



Nomads are known for their stewardship of the earth, and if there is a single lesson we can learn from them, it would be to treat the planet with care and respect. Make sure to carry back trash from your walks, limit single use plastic, and do your bit in keeping the mountains beautiful for all of us.



Nomadic communities are known to move with the seasons, and at Camp Nomad, we often joke that you might get to experience all the seasons in the same day: it is not unusual to go from shorts in the afternoon to three layers at night! Being deep in an orchard, and close to the forest,  you might also be greeted by little critters every so often. Our huts and tents are designed to keep you safe and cosy, but we do invite you to try to get comfortable with nature, getting up close with the elements like city life won't let you. 


It’s almost a cardinal rule of nomadic life — knowing your route, and then staying flexible and adapting to whatever circumstances might arise. We promise you will not have to navigate huge challenges, but being at Camp, you might have to change plans in response to a sudden storm, or work around a sudden power failure. We strive to minimise the discomfort these might cause you, but you will enjoy the ups and downs of a natural space more if you bring a sense of flexibility and adventure with you!


Nomadic life requires community and care, and we have plenty to offer of each! We ask that you, too, bring an ethos of care to the space, for other guests as well as for our staff. Make sure to pick up after yourselves and treat common areas with care. Our staff comprises of some of the most wonderful young men we know, and you should feel free to ask them for whatever you need to feel comfortable; at the same time, we ask that you treat them with respect and follow basic guidelines such as not smoking or eating in the tents, respecting cafe timings, etc.


And do let us know if there's anything we can do to make it easier or more fun!

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