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Our Team


Camp Nomad is led by writer, teacher, and potter, Aditi Rao.


Aditi is a widely published, award-winning author, and she has been teaching creative writing for 2 decades, during which time she has led retreats and attended residencies around the world. She also a passion for designing physical spaces that are vibrant and invite community and connection. Aditi leads all programming and design at Camp Nomad, and you can learn more about her work here.

Aditi is supported in this endeavour by her partner Amit, who has a long-standing love affair with the outdoors, and 3 decades of experience working in high altitudes and extreme climatic conditions. He is also a motorcyclist, and he brings his expertise to the practical aspects of running a campsite in the Himalayas. Amit supports the logistical aspects that keep you safe and comfortable with us. 

Aditi and Amit met at Camp Nomad's first event in 2019, and they have since been working together with their unique blend of experiences in creative possibilities and practical necessities. 


Camp Nomad would not be what it is without our small but dedicated team from across the state of Himachal Pradesh. We are regularly blown away by the skill, passion, and commitment of these young men, none of whom are formally trained in hospitality, but all of whom bring their whole hearts and so many skills to everything they do.

Our Advisors

Our greatest gift at Camp Nomad has always been the incredible sounding boards we have and the number of creative brains and hearts that help us grow out our vision. Here are the most consistent amongst them, so much more to us than merely a Board of Advisors. These are the friends who make Camp Nomad possible.

Image by Alazne Qaisar

Sustainability Partners

At Camp Nomad, we are deeply committed to sustainability, and we partner with several like-minded small businesses. At the core of everything we do is a deep love for our mountains and a deep commitment to co-create environmentally friendly solutions alongside others who care.

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